Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about us…

Sehmi Builders Merchants

Sehmi Builders Merchants are one of the largest independent builders merchants in West London, established for more than 10 years, with branches in Reading, Slough and Southall.  Sehmi were one of the first customers to order bagged cement from us and here’s what Manager, Harpreet Sehmi, has to say about us.

Breedon’s products and service are excellent.

When we place an order, we get a specific date and time for delivery, we receive a prompt acknowledgment – and the cement arrives on time and exactly as we ordered.  This isn’t something we’ve been used to!

The plastic packaging, product colour, workability, consistency and ready availability make Breedon Cement the best choice for us and our customers.

Our customers are usually very vocal, particularly when they don’t like something, but we haven’t had any negative feedback at all.  In fact, we’ve gained business by switching suppliers.  Customers really like the product and we’ve sold more cement this year than we did in the same period last year, which we believe is simply due to the fact that our customers prefer it.

I would recommend Breedon Cement to anyone without hesitation.  Good product, good service, good value and fantastic people.

I’ve been given a lot of confidence in the company and in the Breedon Cement brand and hope for a long partnership with them.  They’re here to stay.

Construction Site Supplies (CSS)

Construction Site Supplies (CSS) are a construction supplies merchant, based in South Ruislip, West London, offering next day delivery. Their account customers have access to thousands of products at reduced rates. Since switching to us for their cement needs they’ve seen consistent reorders from their customers. CSS’ Procurement Manager, Ian Aldridge, had this to say:

Breedon Cement are brilliant!

We’ve not had a single bad comment since switching to them, which is a good indicator that our customers like them – they’d have said something otherwise!

We get reliable, timed deliveries that always arrive when Breedon Cement say they will – they might as well be guaranteed.

You’d never think there were 60 bags on a pallet as they’re so tightly packed. And the plastic packaging is ideal because we don’t have to worry about storing it outside. This has freed up the shed for timber, meaning we can stock more product for our customers. We confidently stack the pallets four high, as they’re good quality and the compact packaging makes them very stable.

We supply major contractors such as McGee Group, who consistently reorder high volumes of Breedon Cement for use on prestigious London contracts.

I’d definitely recommend Breedon Cement as they’re great value and I can’t fault the service. I can see us doing a lot more business together.

Mitcham Builders Merchants

Mitcham Builders Merchants, which has its head office in Croydon, has seen sales of Breedon Cement flying out the door. Here, Mitcham’s Manager, Jessy Powar, talks about how we’re consistently coming up trumps for efficiency and quality, doubling Mitcham’s sales.

We really rate Breedon– they’re very efficient. With previous suppliers, orders would turn up two days late, but that never happens with Breedon. We request a day and a time and the orders arrive when Breedon say they will.

Our customers love the plastic packaging and, for us, it means we can leave the product outside, uncovered. This means our yard has become much more efficient as we no longer need to cover the pallets and we can load/unload and stack them more quickly. And because the handling time is reduced we’re able to get out more loads per day to our customers.

The colour of the product – the lighter shade of grey – is really nice. Everyone likes it.

I’d recommend all aspects of Breedon Cement. Consistency of deliveries is great, as is the availability and helpfulness of their people, and the product is a better quality than we’ve previously stocked. In fact, our sales volumes have doubled since we started stocking Breedon Cement – it’s flying out the door!

Assuming service levels are maintained, we’d be very happy to stick with Breedon Cement for a long time.